Design of steel structures that applies in practice the latest advances in the software development.

About Vertex Engineering

Vertex Engineering OŰ has been operating in the area of steel structures design since 2007. Our reputation, that has been made during this time, is our main asset. We provide high quality services as we employ top-tier experts that are responsible for the result of their work. Besides that, we believe that the success of any enterprise is in the hands of people who work as a united team and form the foundation of this very enterprise. That is why we are so proud of our employees, thanks to whom we have become such a professional and reliable company that our customers appreciate that much.

Design of steel structures that applies in practice the latest advances in the software development is our professional creed. So if you need a project of any degree of complexity, we will try to fulfil your wishes, taking into account modern technologies and economic efficiency.

The role of competent design of steel structures is constantly growing nowadays. Therefore, we help to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of construction / production at an early stage of design. In addition, we are always ready to take a direct part in the realisation of the project, as well as to carry out subsequent monitoring.

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Adherence to deadlines

We carry out the design of steel structures in stages, while carefully monitoring the deadlines for implementation at each stage. Such an approach allows us to guarantee the execution of the project exactly at a given time.

Turnkey Services

Our experts are ready to complete the full cycle of designing your project, from developing the initial idea, to preparing a package of detailed and assembly drawings necessary for project realisation.

Quality of design

The development and design of steel structures at any stage include thorough study and detailing, as well as verification that ensures 100% compliance of product quality with all safety standards.

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Our company's services

Among the services offered by our company, demanded today in various fields of engineering:

Design of steel structures
Pressure vessel design and project defence
Detailed drawings, sweeps of any complexity
Engineering calculations
Technological maintenance of CNC equipment

Any of these services will be performed at a highest possible level, worthy of professionals in this field.


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